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  1. Influencers: Antihacking law obstructs security research

    Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo UK & Ireland News14 Jul 13:31

    A strong 75 percent majority of Passcode’s Influencers said a US government law used to prosecute hackers overly restricts necessary security research. Passcode’s group of digital security and privacy experts say the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) – meant to prevent illicit trespassing on computer systems – is written far too broadly and often results in punishments that are too harsh for ...

  2. If you can't have StreetView, try SheepView. That's the attitude of people in the Faroe Islands, who have turned to their 80,000 sheep for technical support as Google continues to overlook them. Bereft of coverage by the StreetView vans, who have not yet made it to these 18 volcanic islands in the North Atlantic between Shetland and Iceland, campaigners have started a unique sheep-based mapping...

  3. After another extraordinary - and historic - day for British politics, two people dominate the front pages: the new PM and her surprise choice as foreign secretary.

  4. Americans Want a Washington Makeover, but Is Trump the One to Do It?

    The Fiscal Times via Yahoo UK & Ireland Finance19 Jul 20:30

    Nearly two in three Americans believe that the 2016 presidential campaign between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton may be the most consequential election in their life time, according to a new study. When pressed to identify the most serious problem confronting the country, most cited Washington’s “broken political system,” a problem they say is even more pressing than the ...

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